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-Enrollment Open Throughout The Year
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- No Material Fee
- Siblings Discount
- Hot Lunch and Two Snacks Included

Come and join us for fun activities all year round! Reserve your spot. Call for a tour. Visa/Mastercard accepted.

Giant Step Learning Center Activities

At Giant Step Learning Center, you will find that children are engaged in various activities. Weather it is painting, reading, building or “share time “, our children is consistently stimulated by our teachers and their peers. We believe that individual and group work serves various different and important functions, both being equally important.

Individual and Group Work

Individual work allows a child to learn discipline, as well as use their own minds for creativity, problem solving and allows them to become more independent.

Group work allows children to learn how to work with others. At Giant step we believe through group work, children learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns, being considerate of others and team work. Children also learn through their peers and are exposed to different ideas presented by their friends.

Reading Program

Here at Giant Step Learning Center, we have a well established reading program. Every day our teachers read to their class as well as helping each individual child with reading during independent work time.

Extra Curricular Activities

Parents can sign up their children for Webby dancing, super US gym Stars, Soccer shots and little bytes.

The Schedule

Our teachers at Giant Step have developed a daily schedule that allows small group work time, independent work time, one-on-one time as well as class time.

We have a certain schedule that we follow that allows us to expose our children to a variety of activities in different dynamics. However, at the same time our schedule allows us the flexibility to cater our day according to the overall mood of our class room. We realize that everyday is a different day, and we as educators must be prepared to allow for those changes and be prepared at all times.

Our Schedule Includes: